Wishes On Fire

Nothing leaves a footprint

like a memory burned

Deep into the consciousness

of those unlearned


Nothing grows more deadly

than the force of will

It powers every weapon

it vanquishes with skill


Nothing braves tomorrow

like a wish on fire

Its light forever’s beacon

to each soul aspired


Nothing is more final

than a dying breath

Words exiting their prison

—eternity’s rosette



(Dreamsleep: October, 2022)



Cobbled Stones

The path to eternity

weaves and turns

As choices deceive

and judgment burns


Its labyrinth changing

and mirror lined

Voices in transit

new order unrhymed


Pursuit often folly

refusal is death

The push is internal

escaping your breath


Beginnings unending

the past in refute

Each moment unfolding

—beyond all repute


(Dreamsleep: October, 2022)