Twin Fusion

With one pen in the inkwell,

eternity got wet


The words to dance and laugh and pray,

phrasing’s still unmet


With one pen in the inkwell,

the future kissed the past


The moments now, the moments then

—Siamese at last


(Haverford College: January, 2021)


Ever Changing

Music can only be heard one way,

words have a different refrain


Melody imprisoned by note and score,

what’s written when read apt to change


The ear a prisoner to the composer’s delight,

to listen—a captive within


But reading the lines that a poet inscribes

ever changing—each time you begin


(Dreamsleep: January, 2021)

That Human About Us

The lack of humanity

drives zero-sum

Away from each other

a darkening sun


What science explains

its methods conceal

Frustration attacks

lost cogs on the wheel


Desperation in charge

its point ever sharp

To pierce into nothing

but leaving its mark


That human about us

 left bare unatoned

Quantifying our passion

—stripped clean to the bone


(St. David’s Pennsylvania: January, 2021)

Rebirth & Reclamation

You don’t have to abandon previous beliefs  

to embrace what presents to you now


As windows long open whose portals of light 

wrap around each new vision—enshroud


Those messages ancient and all messages new 

interlock like the fingers of God


The truth by dimension delivering you whole    

—new lightning reclaiming the rod


(Villanova University: January, 2021)