Hope Never Rests

While looking for a bridge

to cross over tonight


Connecting time honored values

to internet blight


I thought and I pondered,

as I surfed on the net


But the things that it offered

were sadly abject


Where is the laughter,

the thrill of the chase


Through forest and meadow,

with all of your mates


Gone is the connection,

looking eye into eye


Replaced with an I-pad,

and virtual lies


The children are programmed,

their bits and their bytes


With screens the new playgrounds,

their couches—their life


Where all of this leads,

I’m fearful to know


As I look for that bridge,

where our youth can still go


To return from the chaos,

to a welcoming time


Where friendships were made,

in a tree you just climbed


But the harder I search,

the dimmer it gets


Quicksand reinvented,

their minds it besets


Though cards stack against me,

I remain on my quest


The young are still worth it

—and hope never rests


(Villanova Pennsylvania: July, 2017)

Eight Miles Left

With ten more miles of wire,

my horse wants to turn back


There’s dark clouds over the mountain,

just a small tent in my sack


The fence line sits all busted,

from two bulls that went astray


They both missed being neutered,

last year on roundup day


My hands are cold and blistered,

that salve jar all but gone


Two wolves begin to howling,

that lonesome prairie song


The storm clouds all have thickened,

light pulls its covers back


Just one more night on the western slope

—with eight miles left to track



‘From The ‘Searching For Crazy Horse Collection’

‘Read In Elko Nevada Years Ago’

My Parting Wish

When lost inside a world of dreams,

the Muse becomes my guide


The days and nights stand juxtaposed,

the sun and moon collide


And though my eyes desert me now,

the past and future blind


My parting wish is not to wake

—this sleep forever mine


(Villanova Pennsylvania: April, 2017)