Bread Of Life

Christians flock into their churches,

travelers hit the road


Searching for what’s beyond their view

in spirit overload


To leave behind the past imprisoned,

stilted and controlled


The blacktop chanting “come what may”

—a eucharistic whole


(Dreamsleep: December, 2020)

Ten Miles South

Repeating on and on without changing,

the boredom settled in


Lost in endless repetition,

ten miles South of what might have been


A broken record skipping, skipping,

the groundhog’s prediction thin


Burrowing out the same old hole

—ten miles South of what might have been


(Dreamsleep: December, 2020)

More Than A Feeling

Sometimes love just isn’t enough,

as destiny calls within


Orphaning passion, emotions untether,

lost to Cupid’s whim


Never requited, alone and denied,

the search begins anew


Feelings repackaged and searching for more

—to do what love can’t do


(Villanova Pennsylvania: December, 2020)

Road Kill

Death failed to show up for work one day,

the clock remained unpunched


Hospital’s waiting, graveyards on call,

all coroner’s out to lunch


Death took a holiday without checking in,

the pecking order stunned


Like a deer on the highway, all headlights turned off

—awaiting what’s to come


(Dreamsleep: November, 2020)