Fleeing into solitude

his excuses were lost

eyes pointing inward

embracing the cost


Intrepidly deeper

the cave to unmask

as demons and angels

are slayed in his path


Alone and rebirthing

both fury and rage

a hero emerges

rejecting the sage


Released from self-loathing

all ego begone

polarity crumbling

the right and the wrong


From out of the lake

of reflection to rise

a thunder triumphant

o’er truth and its lies


To wander eternal

in godlike refrain

old dogma retendered

—his spirit reclaimed


(Dreamsleep: September, 2022)


Emancipated Proclamation

Thou asks how far the wind blows

in fact I cannot tell

Or then how high the heavens

my prayers deep in the well


Thou asks if love comes truly

to one in greatest need

My answer spoken duly

of romance undecreed


Thou asks if truth be spoken

or written timeless down

My speech in patterns broken

unlettered and unfound


Thou asks if time be measured

beyond the last refrain

This moment hides the answer

—of that I can proclaim


(Dreamsleep: September, 2022)