Are you bigger in your absence

than your presence could command


Is your memory that much stronger

than your being when at hand


Does the legend of your fancy

stretch the truth of what you’d done


The imagined and embellished

—a false legacy becomes


(Villanova Pennsylvania: August, 2020)

Our Will To Answer

Fear, the ghost of indecision

where darkness stalks each day


Confusion our ignoble master,

bewildered we fall prey


Terror caught in nightly doldrums,

the walls start closing in


As choices wait our will to answer

—or die this fate within


(Villanova Pennsylvania: July, 2020)

In Darkness

The thrill is gone, but its memory remains

in flashes that come in the night


The names have all changed, but faces stare back

forsaken, denied by the light


The thrill is gone, but its price still to pay

whose absence weighs heavy and long


The reasons left truant, excuses to reign

in darkness—my soul to belong


(Villanova Pennsylvania: July, 2020)

The Future Claimed

Moments of clarity stop the clock,

but time rolls on and on


Unrecorded, to stay embedded

in each wish unfulfilled


Tranquilizing the fleeting doubt

that truancy sets free


Returning with the future claimed

—to liberate the past


(Villanova Pennsylvania: July, 2020)