Twins Of Siam

You stir it one way, and they the other,

  but the mixture stays just as hot


You attack their motives, and they attack yours,

  while the contents boil and rot


“It needs to be this way”… the other side revolts,

  “Your mind’s faulty with avarice and greed”


The pot has simmered; the broth is thick,

  and its bottom not easy to see


A mutual exclusion, first left and then right

  a feast—all soul’s consumed


With spoon or fork, its offering slick,

  when the bowls come out at noon


In single file, day turns into night,

  pointed talk with nothing said


Both cupboard’s bare, two rat’s within,

  guarding their last crust of bread


When the final story is written and told,

   of what in concert you destroyed


A drum will beat, zero-sum complete,

  leaving you soulless—but still conjoined


(Villanova Pennsylvania: June,2016)


Remembering my Grandfather,

  forgetting my Dad


Wanting to be near him,

  paternal influence bad


He loved without question,

  his smile blocked the sun


And without his embracing

  —my life on the run


(Villanova Pennsylvania: June, 2016)

Glass Houses

Stopping just short of judgment,

  his mind took a leap


Whose soul rose as substance,

  now ready to speak


Words before never uttered,

  or spoken in vain


This acknowledgement followed,

  crying out in refrain…


“The joy in the brotherhood

   all torment by choice


 “To share in celebration,

   we alone can’t rejoice


 “The critic inside us,

   the judger of sins


 “Is best left in silence,

   till it targets within”


As time will remind us,

  and these words will recall


All biting reprisal

  —the coward’s downfall


(Villanova Pennsylvania: June, 2016)


Lies To Withstand

Journalistic integrity…

  give me a break


Your lies are on fire,

  there’s hell at the gate


Journalistic integrity,

  the wages of sin


All truth has been twisted,

  your speech has worn thin


Journalistic integrity,

  oxymoron disclosed


Two words now in conflict,

  their corruption exposed


Journalistic integrity,

  death by your own hand


All blame you relinquish

  —your lies to withstand


(Villanova Pennsylvania: June, 2016)

The True Story

Are you a conscious Poet

 with unconscious beliefs


An eternity of verse

 crying out from your sleep


Are your dreams more important

 than your waking hours show


Do they tell the true story

 —of all there is to know


(Villanova Pennsylvania: April, 2019)