I’m actually tired of being myself…

can I be you for awhile


I hide from the mirror and monogrammed lies,

as I run from an image defiled


I thought I was safe and had made my escape,

when memory reminded again


“You can run, you can hide, your indenture unkeyed

—the chains locked secure in your head”


(The New Room: January, 2021)

Farewell To Arms

Where do you go

when your war has been won


The enemy vanquished,

the legion’s undone


What do you do

when your purpose is gone


The feelings still burning,

the will to fight strong


Where do you go,

the last battle adjourned


The fields lined in blood,

all caissons returned


As men march in unison,

their rifles unbreeched


A lone bugle calling

—the dead beyond reach


(The New Room: January, 2021)


“Condemned To Repeat…

The Pharisees vengeance,

unleashing again


To kill a ‘false’ prophet,

their fear redescends


The cross is made ready,

like ages before


The nails though still rusty,

hammer deep and secure


Their memories short sighted,

rejecting the fact


The last one they crucified…

 alive and intact


A new Resurrection

they’re about to ensure


Through hatred and envy

—damnation procured


(For Sister Marcella: January, 2021)