Headed West

In the darkness last night,

I heard Crazy Horse call


The wind through the willows,

new horse in my stall


His words my direction,

the hail in my storm…


“Your brothers await you

—the council fire warm”


(Dreamsleep: July, 2019)

Motorcycle From Pa. To L.A.  7-18-2019



Ain’t That The Blues

She’s familiar…

ain’t that the blues


Sleeping beside her,

I always knew


Chipped beef on Monday,

Thursday cold stew


Dishes piled high,

paycheck gone through


She’s familiar…

ain’t that the blues


Home from work early,

today around noon


Mattress was creaking,

my pistol I drew


Two shots in my brother

 —four more in the flooze


(Chicago Illinois: Performed with Clinton Mace at Cabrini Green 1985)