The Road Down

Tomorrow left abandoned

with every choice I make

Constricting all potential joy

and limiting my fate

Each short term indecision

restricting unrestrained

My future playing out of tune

a timed and dull refrain

Most often I have missed it

when no outweighs a yes

For temporal gain my judgment strained

—an orphan in regress


(Dreamsleep: February, 2023)

Descartes Reborn

If consciousness dies

is that all there is

or does some higher state

reimagine what was


When consciousness dies

will birth reoccur

no longer indentured

to time and its spurs


If consciousness dies

do rainbows of light

take over our essence

transcending our sight


When consciousness dies

is confusion bereft

as reference get buried

—and prescience resets


(The New Room: March, 2023)