I do believe in therapy,

but of a certain kind

The type anointed on oneself,

and in yourself to find

A strength to make decisions,

the will to see them through

To best ignore what others say,

while benefiting you

These words are not capricious,

recovery zero-sum

With judgment not to praise or blame

—its cure the only one


(Philadelphia International Airport: December, 2016)

Soul Surfer

What is a poem,

be it long or then short


When in service to others,

to agree and consort


And be it objective,

to run with the pack


Its identity loosened,

its rope to go slack


What is a poem,

when written to please


Each word second-guessed,

each phrase to appease


The critic, the pundit,

the dilettante sure


Your blood for their letting

—your words but a score


(The New Room: March, 2021)