Augustine Was Right

Time an illusion,

to make sense of reality


Reality an illusion,

to order and place


Order an illusion,

to all that’s a given


What’s given Divine

—indefinable Grace


(Villanova Chapel: September, 2020)

‘A Tribute To Augustine’s 3 Tenses Of Time,

Present Past—Present Present—Present Future’

Wanton & Lost

The suddenness of desertion,

the emptiness of time


Abandoning each moment,

as clocks strike their chime


And wherego the hours,

once used and cast off


Are there auctions and markets

for each second that’s lost


And who’s to recount

the old wishes unprayed


With days ever changing,

and voices relayed


The end a beginning,

the beginning an end


To drift in its circle

—time never respent


(Dreamsleep: September, 2020)



Too Late For Sorrow

While bending the rules,

and strattling the line

I pushed every limit,

calling it mine


Tearing down fences,

defiantly proud

The direst warnings,

rebutted out loud


One last price to pay,

its ticket to stamp

Shadows concealing

my spiritual ramp


Each vow that I’ve broken,

those things left undone

The man I became

—a life zero sum


(Bryn Mawr College: September, 2020)

Spiritus Vitae

Short in stature,

long in fight,

the zealot stood his ground


The odds unfavored,

no end in sight,

 victory still unfound


The daylight haunting,

the body count,

the field a sea of blood


A bugle blowing

for one last charge,

advancing through the mud


With force depleted

but spirit whole,

his voice heard far and wide…


“Into the jaws

of certain death

—for glory now we ride”


(Villanova Pennsylvania: September, 2020)