Are we doomed to be unhappy,

or does it involve a choice

Do our feelings link externally,

giving outside forces voice

Do we choose the pain and misery,

as they cross our beaten path

Can they exist if our wills resist

—muted and outcast


(Dreamsleep: October, 2020)


The Veil of Perception,

what lies beyond


Our senses and memory,

all time put upon


Lying within

or lying without


Inherent by nature,

shadowed by doubt


Primary function,

will scholars proclaim


But second to that

—our reasonings change


(Bryn Mawr Pennsylvania: October, 2020)


A Beggar’s Song

My last attempt

to circle the square

anger takes the throne



no longer to share

servitude alone


Wandering unsure

things left unsaid

words to disappear


Into the dark

deserted forlorn

heightening my fear


The ladder broken

every rung

unable now to climb


Direction gone

a beggar’s song

—with nothing left to find


(Valley Forge Pennsylvania: October, 2020)

Cash Or Check

Given facts 

and reasoned truth…


Can’t marry each other

without changing their suit


Some things our intellect

tries to explain


Can you turn off a light

that turns back on again


The reasoning sands

and factual concrete


From thin ice to thick,
what’s now indiscreet


Decisions and choices

are still made the same


But to rent or to own

—real estate of this game


(St. David’s Pennsylvania: October, 2020)


Can you talk about good

without acknowledging evil


Could they ever

exist on their own


Can you go somewhere

without leaving someplace else


The answer

fairly shown


Simplistic by nature,

linguistic in form



rules the day


Allowing for one
by embracing the other


Truth to each



(Wayne Pennsylvania: October, 2020)

Behind The Curtain

Is something unphysical

in charge of this world


That lines every moment,

unseen and unfurled


Scientists say NO,

breathing fire as they shout


What is it then

that scatters atoms about


Darwin had his theory,

well accepted—unproved


That things change themselves

 on condition and mood


But somewhere deep

in the backs of our minds


A notion lay hidden,

firmly placed to remind


This proof we so revel in,

whose truth we revere


Has constantly changed

since the dinosaurs were here


So try to stay open

as new data evolves


Remembering the axioms

it now must resolve


And tune in to something,

not burdened by facts


The rock of all ages

—still blindly intact


(Radnor Pennsylvania: October, 2020)

Limbus Puerorum

Most of our lives are lived

in an in-between world…

yesterday and tomorrow the bookends

to what has happened

and what is yet to come

ordering the mayhem in an artificial attempt

at unity and control

escape becomes an option for the very few

who no longer believe in the prescriptive banner,

the forecasted promise,

the dogmatic challenge

—or the printer’s ink


(Dreamsleep: October, 2020)