A Viking Crest Ablaze

Flying alone

   over fury enthroned


 Its colors reign free

  and clear


The enemy stained

  all freedom regained


Covered in blood

  spent and dear


Stitched yellow and blue

  its messages true


That Svealand does

  not run


To hang steadfast

  and slay the past


And carry our glory



A crest ablaze

  through fire and haze


Horses hooves high in

  the air


Now honor bound

  on sacred ground


Heralding death

  —our cross to bear


(Villanova Pennsylvania: April, 2015)


The Gene

There’s a gene embedded in every parent

  to recreate

  what their parents had done


Sometimes good, and sometimes bad,

  passing it down

  from father to son


To repeat family history through memories past

  the circle

  a lingering fate 


Excuses come early with reasons

  too late

  DNA always proffered as bait


The young and the old both prisoners of time

  their footsteps in sequence

  to fall


 And when questions are posed why they acted this way,

   they’re too busy passing it on

      —to recall


(Villanova Pennsylvania: April, 2015)

What Darkness Brings

Twilight falls onto my



Demon fire in full



The stars return

  glowing embers that burn


In whose radiance

  an Angel will sleep


Days grip is unchained,

  the cantor sings while he prays


As the chorus cries out

  “It’s unplugged”


The sun has now left

  with my hopes not bereft


Only the night

  —points to heaven above


(Villanova Pennsylvania: April, 2015)



The Fountain

If you ask me to read,

  I’ll say only the good

   —in spite of what others might think


Once your blood has been spilled,

  and the cut is deep

   —my task to heal, not push to drug or to drink


If the pain is too great,

  my heart you may take

   —as I suture you back from the brink


From this deepest of wounds

  that I surround and embrace, as a fountain

   —where you may now drink


(Villanova Pennsylvania: April, 2015)

My Fate Unsecured

Overspending the bulk

  of my temporal capital


Hourly deficits climb

  and pile into notes


Debts I’ll never repay

  stored in vaults I can’t find


Words lying uncashed,

  as I write overdrawn  


Pledging to go back

  and re-sign what’s untendered


 I’m unforgiven—overdue,

   my fate unsecured


(Villanova Pennsylvania: April, 2015)