All Verses Called Back

Will your writing change when death comes to call,

knowing it’s time for goodbye


Will each word become richer, each memory dear,

in the limited by and by


As finality beckons, will conviction resolve,

 each day meaning more than the last


Your faith shaken then stirred, all verses called back

—eternity’s epitaph


(Villanova Pennsylvania: November, 2019)

The Joker’s Curse

Does life resemble a deck of cards,

shuffled back and forth


On brighter days with Ace’s high,

dark days the Joker’s curse


And what about that Wild Card,

that one you can’t be sure


If it will serve to win the day

—or fold your hand once more


(Villanova Pennsylvania: November, 2019)

Left Unsung

Do you see yourself inside your dream,

or chasing close behind


Is your love unquestioned, given free,

or bartered, contract signed


Are your lyrics empty without applause,

audience on the run


Will the future ransom a past still lost

—the moment left unsung


(Villanova Pennsylvania: November, 2019)

To Call From Within

Each mind is a filter…

the wheat from the chaff


Each vision dissected,

to cry or to laugh


Each chance in the moment,

to live or to hide


Each reason a marker,

to vow or belie


Each leaf that has fallen,

the price that we’ve paid


Each morning recalling,

which bed is unmade


Each voice in the distance,

one name on the wind


Each memory unspoken

—to call from within


(Villanova Pennsylvania: November, 2019)

Lost In Refrain

Do you have enough stories,

have you told enough tales


Is your life overflowing,

with a need to regale


Have the roses you’ve smelled,

lined your heart or your mind


Is the path that you’ve chosen,

ahead or behind


Is your life worth a novel,

or even a poem


Are the years all connected,

or scattered and broken


If you leave only money,

or fortune, or fame


The last chapter unwritten

—and lost in refrain


(Villanova Pennsylvania: November, 2019)