Final Lullaby

I didn’t go far,

but I went far enough

I could have reached deeper,

though finding so much


I could have seen more,

but my vision remains

I could have hoped longer,

though wishes retain


I could have stood taller,

but my back is still straight

I could have blamed others,

though forgiveness my trait


I could have loved more,

but my heart is still full

Bereft of my yearnings

—eternity lulls


(Dreamsleep: January, 2021)



In A Golden Eye

Do you have to become what you observe

to really understand


To claim a new identity,

your psyche contraband


Must you pass straight through the mirror,

reflections left behind


To truly know what lies beyond

—whose essence you must find


(Bryn Mawr College: January, 2021)

New Seeds

What you ask me to deny,

I in many ways affirm


The truth will not belie

what your apprehension spurns


Believing in myself

and the voice that speaks within


I cast new seeds into the air

—and beckon the four winds


(Haverford College: January, 2021)