Waiting For Godel

Gravity is

and gravity isn’t

Based on who’s looking

perceptions command


Less for the physicist

more for the poet

Science self-serving

two feet in the sand


Pulling us forward

pushing us back

intrinsic within us

as natural as air


Inside each moment

the stricture forgotten

Transcendent surrender

—polarity spared


(Dreamsleep: January, 2023)




Mixed Ancient Metaphors

The words taste like music

from worlds long ago

Each letter resavored

in harmonies old


Coming to harvest

their sweetness imbues

A cave for an orchard

in wall painted hues


Old symbols retilling

those questions inside

Reborn when discovered

then never to hide


The silos refilling

new birthrights to seed

Replanted within us

—a symphony freed


(The New Room: January, 2023)