Yet So Far…

So close to Heaven,

so far from God

The gate still locked

—the devil nods


A soul once bartered,

forever sold

Its mine shaft empty

—mirage of gold


All reasons barren,

the empty fields

The seasons wanton

—bereft to yield


So close to Heaven,

so far from God

Redemption fleeting

—as hell applauds


(Dreamsleep: May, 2022)

Storms On Fire

A new beginning

begins the end

A different octave

whose voice portends


The circle squares

as angles form

escape your memory

salvation born


A new beginning

first and last

Once you enter

the past is past


All colors exit

as black meets white

gray indifference

to lace the night


A new beginning

storms on fire

 ice is raging

 polar spires


Eight directions

up is down

Buried mantra

—transcendence found


(Dreamsleep: May, 2022)

Tomorrow Unpromised


Where would we be

without the bomb

Was Einstein a savior

or devil aplomb

Our power the fire

all enemies dread

Till stealing its physics  

unmaking our bed


The world on the edge

of a looming abyss

Missiles entombing

a terrorist wish

Tomorrow unpromised

all time day to day

Eternity waiting

—forever to blame


(Saint David’s Pennsylvania: May, 2022) 

30 Pieces

Raging flashes

time on fire

seconds flaming

moments pyre


Burning scepters

light betrays

torches fury

embers pray


Blind inception

blistered tongues

motion melting

boiled young


Bars of silver

chains of gold

locks of platinum

ingots stole


30 pieces

forged in lies

minted falsehoods

struck alive


Nights of crimson

skies of red

life has moltened

—ashes dead


(Dreamsleep: May, 2022)



What’s Unseen

Sometimes when we speak the truth

we tell the biggest lie

Intention stealing from the facts

 meaning ill contrived


The pole is North though pointing South

when asked which way to go

when in the Northern Hemisphere

a liars truth misnome


Up is down when on your head

gravity be damned

motion forward, motion back

‘Silence Of The Lambs’


Sometimes when we speak the truth

we pander to mislead

as 2+2 is 8 in half

what’s missing—what’s unseen


(The New Room: May, 2022)

America Bleeds

Democracy’s demons,

they follow and stalk

for every freedom

they strike like a hawk


The cost of liberty

its downside abides

to follow intrepid

which vengeance as guide


All men here are equal

to right and then wrong

pursuing their happiness

the short and the long


Hoping the majority

will rule most benign

many to suffer

from licensed decline


Nobility’s tenure

its reign has been long

but treachery threatens

the best of our song


Tomorrow in focus

the few and the brave

must suffer the arrows

that seek to enslave


And onward we struggle

to save what we can

as menacing trouble

within starts again


This fight more than worth it

the day is now late

America bleeding

—our future at stake


(The New Room: May, 2022)

Seizing The Instant

Give up your torment, 

take back your verse

tomorrow upon you

for better or worse


Take up your wishes,

give in to dreams

sleep in denial,

old memories scream


Free up the moment,

strike out the past

damning the future,

its promise unmasked


Strike up the silence,

freeing new words

seizing the instant

—forever unheard


(The New Room: May, 2022)