Another’s Wind To Blow

Walking around a

Mythical town

That doesn’t exist

Looking for what

I would never find

I trod those same streets

That I had been down

In my dreams before

The sky barren

Except for the sound

Of the exodus

Of wings

Hovering over people

All moving away

The backs of their heads

The only thing visible

As they marched off

Into the dark

With faces and eyes



    To pay for all the things

        that they would never do


    In debt to one last promise

        they will never keep


    The terms of their indecision

        written in the blood of repetition


     The movement of the hawk

         —another’s wind to blow


  (Villanova Pennsylvania: March, 2015)

New Questions Asked

Just before dawn…

  the answers came


And dressed in drag,

  they spoke my name


They claimed their place

  though none was offered


They stole a space,

  their masks on backwards


Just before dawn…

  the answers came


Stalking my query

  with falsehoods named


But in my wake,

  their lies would drown


The truth unanswered

   —new questions found


(Villanova Pennsylvania: March, 2015)

His Bounteous Light

My pact with God transcends your fear

 and all professed religion


The faith I have, the joy I feel

 not subject to your laws


My relationship is one on one

 whose heart is freely given


To live inside his bounteous light

  —resplendent and in awe


(Villanova Pennsylvania: December, 2018)

      From ‘The Book Of Prayers’



May’s Flowers

To meet death head on,

You need but a song

  —to carry you on your way


The words needn’t matter

If the melody flatters

  —to be hummed by the people who stay


To meet death head on,

You need only one song

  —that your children may sing out of tune


Because the years they go fast,

Only memories last

  —as May gives up her flowers to June


(Villanova Pennsylvania: March, 2015)


A Community Of Friends

There once was a time when women could cook,

  and men knew how to dance


Education was by the book,

  no fuzzy math or creative finance


Parents visited their own parent’s homes,

  as the grandchildren came along


And life was so much better then

  new words to every song


There once was a time when women could cook,

  and men knew how to dance


Hearts were pure as dogs roamed free,

  neighbors talked across the fence


Everyone shared those values true

  family mattering most of all


Because in the end, a community of friends

  —let you rise and then stand tall


(Villanova Pennsylvania: March, 2015)