A hemorrhaging madness…

  wounds bleeding again


Old stitches have broken

  death marking the end


Unsutured indemnity

  ensuring your pain


Flesh burning in enmity

  —uncauterized shame


(Villanova Pennsylvania: February, 2016)

What Souls Hope To Find

An abundance of denial…

  your mind turns away

What spirit embraces,

  wealth hides and delays


        “The dignity of the old man

           in worn tattered clothes 

         Frayed pants covering high

           button shoes, but not toes


         “He wanders among us

            just over the line

          As eyes fail to see

           what souls hope to find”


An elegance to rival

  your white tie and tails

Where life now stripped free

  of false richness—prevails


(Villanova Pennsylvania: February, 2016)



New Light Unspoken

Nocturnal flower

In need of sleep

Your petals wilt

The count for sheep


New dawn unpromised

The die is cast

A croupier wearing

Sun’s setting mask


Through endless courtship

Faith on the run

A Jester whispers

“Your dreams have come”


The meadow waiting

Its reaper gone

New light unspoken

  —your buds in song


(Villanova Pennsylvania: February, 2016)



New Melody

A chorus of enlightenment…

  awakens me again


With sheets still warm, my heart she bathes,

  all feelings wet within


Through steam I see her message clear,

  the mirror does confirm


My words now washed, fresh thoughts to dry

   —new melody to learn


(Court At KOP: February, 2016)