Lost In Jericho

Without death

life loses all beauty

Without death

life loses its way

Without death

life’s value diminished

Without death

life reasons to pray


Without death

life’s years lose their value

Without death

life’s seething refrain

Without death

life loses its prescience

Without death

—life dearth to explain


(Dreamsleep: June, 2022)


California Dreamin…

Momma Told Me Not To Come

By The Time I Get To Phoenix

Will Anybody Really Know What Time Has Spun


Hotel California…

Its Chain Gang wearing thin

Searching for an American Woman

Blowin In The Wind


Bill Bojangles Robinson…

preaching Fire And Rain

New York’s A Lonely Lonely Town

dragging Ball And Chain


Summertime Blues and Porgy’s drowning…

Riders On The Storm

Layla kisses Judy Blue Eyes

Stairway To Heaven scorned


Woodstock and a Big Bear Scrambler…

Who’ll Stop The Rain

Don’t Think Twice this Hard Day’s Night

 Eli’s Comin again


Hey Jude, Moondance is calling…

It’s Too Late says Ms. King

Yesterday’s Hound Dog barking Crazy

—the Purple Haze begins


(Rosemont College: June, 2022)


Tomorrow In The Wind

Hidden deep within the trees

a whispering tomorrow

Buried in their shadows

voices fall and take new breath


The midnight wind blows silent

carrying hope into the future

Words caught up and venture forth

to seed unspoken times


New spaces wait, the inkwells full

as prophets guard the entry

The mistral gales of seasons past

new zephyrs push away


Stanzas form, the future saved

as yesterday approaches

Saplings rising, breezes felt

—new forest closing in


(Dreamsleep: June, 2022)