Martyrs & Clowns

What is forgotten

if time is a bluff


What is forsaken

if memory can rust


Where is the drama

the stage ill disposed


Where is tomorrow

today undisclosed


When were you certain

that certain you’re not


When did the hands

stop advancing your clock


How many seasons

must come and then go


How many reasons

to plant and not sow


Why search for glory

in legends unfound


Why only answered

—by martyrs and clowns


(Dreamsleep: March, 2023)

The First Daffodil

In the Spring

memories blow like wind

through the corners of my soul

replacing the dark winter

which time has now beset

Playing its distant lute

change is thrust upon me

rebirthing what fall had rightly claimed

and buried in the past


Visions of dancing June bugs

they fervently surround me

mating my wonderment with joy

as summer waits untilled

The whirlwind dharma

that so haunts my dreams

left comatose and vacant

freeing me for what’s to come

—and what has always been


(Bryn Mawr College: March, 2023)

Hours Remand

Refusing to obey

he took command

The power not given

but by his hand

Looking no further

he forged within

The years and the seasons

aboriginal sin


Broken commandments

rust on the gate

Eyes burning inward

past-futures abate

Refusing the mandate

of time’s desperate plan

He slew first the minutes

—as the hours remand


( Dreamsleep: February, 2023)