Final Lullaby

I didn’t go far,

but I went far enough

I could have reached deeper,

though finding so much


I could have seen more,

but my vision remains

I could have hoped longer,

though wishes retain


I could have stood taller,

but my back is still straight

I could have blamed others,

though forgiveness my trait


I could have loved more,

but my heart is still full

Bereft of my yearnings

—eternity lulls


(Dreamsleep: January, 2021)



In A Golden Eye

Do you have to become what you observe

to really understand


To claim a new identity,

your psyche contraband


Must you pass straight through the mirror,

reflections left behind


To truly know what lies beyond

—whose essence you must find


(Bryn Mawr College: January, 2021)

New Seeds

What you ask me to deny,

I in many ways affirm


The truth will not belie

what your apprehension spurns


Believing in myself

and the voice that speaks within


I cast new seeds into the air

—and beckon the four winds


(Haverford College: January, 2021)

Twin Fusion

With one pen in the inkwell,

eternity got wet


The words to dance and laugh and pray,

phrasing’s still unmet


With one pen in the inkwell,

the future kissed the past


The moments now, the moments then

—Siamese at last


(Haverford College: January, 2021)