True North

Feigning reentry

from places I’ve wandered

Destiny challenged

the status-quo damns


Feigning reentry

from freedom unhindered

Life but a journey

its trappings to ban


Feigning reentry

its price was my freedom

The given agenda

new death to the dream


Feigning reentry

refusal my mantra

Staying in transit

—new rivers unstreamed


(The New Room: March, 2023)


L’Allegro Remembered

The reason we give it so much verbiage

the reason we give it time

The reason we search the light fantastic

the reasons left ill defined


The reason the choices finally matter

the reason we pick and choose

The reason we leave a trail behind us

the reasons we’re not bemused


The reason the voices call within us

the reason the nights are long

The reason each season traps our longing

the reasons both right and wrong


The reason when nothing’s left to answer

the reason no sirens call

The reason we leave the past unanswered

—the reasons we can’t recall


(The New Room: March, 2023)