Divinity Of Self

Beyond every question…

God is the answer

filling in the gaps of our imperfection

offering hope in the face of despair

light to shine through the darkness

and promise

when abandonment is all we feel

lifting the burden that covers our greatness

reaffirming our choices

strengthening our wills on the forge of His power

unblocking the final entryway

—to ourselves divine


(The Book Of Prayers: October, 2020)

Pascal’s Wager

There’s nothing objective about spirit,

in that lies its strength and its truth


Unable to measure, only to feel,

its critics profane and uncouth


Science declares it the enemy,

its formulas explaining away


Why love has no bearing and within it we’re lost

—God’s execution unstayed


(Villanova Pennsylvania: October, 2020)

Another Time

Both old and new thou must review,

changing pink to red


Those poorly formed, to stay forlorn,

hiding in their beds


Begin then end, begin again,

on chance the meaning fed


Whose banquet serves another time

—a feast eternal spread


(Dreamsleep: October, 2020)


‘The Difference’

Animals think,

and animals react


Animals sleep,

and animals attack


Animals eat,

and animals mate


Animals fly,

and animals wait


Animals feel,

and animals cry


Animals sicken,

and animals die


Animals come,

and animals go


Animals watch,

and animals know


Animals stalk,

and animals deceive


But animals lack faith

—and cannot believe


(Dreamsleep: October, 2020)



Hanging On

Diverting his eyes from that last final hour,

denying death its due


His conscience and awareness tight in his grip,

ownership unrenewed


Both arms around life, he’s forever rejected,

blinded as time starts to bleed


Meeting the end in a loss of control

—damned by what he won’t concede


(Villanova Pennsylvania: October, 2020)