Humbly I Pray

Tonight through the darkness,
I wander and crawl

The faces seem ghoulish,
my past to recall

Unsure of direction,
I listen for sounds

To possibly guide me,
as fire abounds

I look to my left,
as hooves thunder past

I look to my right,
and Beelzebub laughs

All colors have gone,
just the fieriest red

I live out my fear,
I live out my dread

One hope then to muster,
that faith remains true

And guides me inclement,
past demons anew

Despair almost total,
regret full in charge

I squint through the smoke,
there’s new light from afar

I plod on my knees,
and it grows brighter still

As the temperature drops,
and the moment is chilled

Once free of damnation,
my life starts again

With sacred commitment,
forgiven of sin

My tomorrows in passing,
I live for today

Belief my salvation
—as humbly I pray

(1st Book Of Prayers May, 2019)

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