To Kiley, Hunter, Braden & Parker

The house is quiet,

as Knothead’s asleep


Hershey Kisses in place

on the staircase to reap


There’s snow on the roof,

with the chimney unblocked


For Santa to enter,

new soot on his frock


The cookies and milk

on the hearth reappear


With Rudolph’s one favorite,

chocolate chip to endear


The sound of his footsteps

arrive on the roof


As Knothead awakens

to Santa’s reproof


“Get into the sleigh

as I’ve told you before


“TC and Melissa

deserve so much more


“Your mischievous wandering

has caused quite the stir


“Mrs. Claus is upset,

the good Elves much deterred


“And clean up your mess

before we move on


“Those wrappers a danger

to those woe begone”


But as they departed,

the naughty Elf smiled


Two silver reminders

ensconced to beguile


Both hidden in cupboards

for children to find


Christmas 2021

—to forever remind


(Christmas Poem: 12/24/2021)

Backstory:  Knothead is the naughty Elf who has plagued the Behm household for over 40 years at Christmas time.  To catch him, you need to put out Hershey Kisses, so that Santa can follow the trail of wrappers, capture him, and take him back to the North Pole.



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