Some Things Don’t Need Explaining…

Like the mist of an early morning rain

and the love of an older dog

Like the spontaneous hug from a passing child

and coffee from a mountain fire

Like a call from an old retired friend

and the memory of one who left

Like those boots now broken in at last

and a map whose roads have changed

Like the smell and taste of a memory lost

and not the mileage but the miles

Like a rainbow reaching out at dawn

and the distant whistle of a train

Like a promise made for its own sake

and a marriage not on loan

Like a burden once it’s lifted free

and the present not the past

Like a thing put off, put off again

and the reasoning unknown

Like an hour spent inside a dream

and a wish that’s more than hope

Like your name when called to stand your ground

and the courage that’s required

Like a song you’ve heard a thousand times

and whose words still feel the same

Like a river rushing toward the sea

and a boy who knows its mind

Like a favored son to share your name

and the bond to keep it so

Like a reason that you can’t disclose

and the one who never asks

Like that girl who keeps your faith alive

—and your heart forever free


(The New Room: April, 2021)

Copyright 2021 Kurt Philip Behm

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