Touched By A Demon

Dancing with the devil.

we waltzed across the floor


Past the spot the band was playing,

through the open door


The darkness called to him by name,

he answered with a smile


And looked at me and said: “This way,

damnations forked turnstile”


With one step back, I bid him true,

to leave me on my way


The voices growing louder still,

of those past gone astray


He stopped and said: “You now must jump,

this ledge all sinner’s pass”


And pointed down to the abyss,

the inferno’s deep morass


He looked away, his head was down,

while shouting dark and vile


A chant so foul, demonic born,

my soul at once beguiled


Before he stopped, I took both hands,

and pushed him from behind


And watched him fall into the void,

among his liken kind


Then walking back toward the dance,

I heard the music play


His words to music ringing out,

my spirit disarrayed


Once back inside I looked around,

and watched the dancers flee


And knew at once the way they ran

—that devil now was me


(Villanova Pennsylvania: February, 2017)

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