Crazy Horse Calls

Beyond my consciousness,

in stark relief


A place beyond reason,

all spirits unleash


Beneath my awareness,

I inherit the wind


Each breath I blow inward,

new endings begin


Religion, a concept,

that God can’t abide


Dogma a pretense,

idolaters hide


In my dreams there’s a voice,

that comes unannounced


Its structure on fire,

new words unpronounced


Time but a weapon,

to use on the weak


Its measuring stick,

to never complete


One question—one answer,

for all that transpires


In primacy wrapped,

no logic hard wired


The years I’d spent looking,

those moments I’d waste


When deep from inside,

with subliminal grace


The great Crazy Horse called,

chanting words once unknown


“Your vision has freed you,

—its voice now your own”


(Devil’s Tower Wyoming: June, 2017)

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