Winter Comes Early

Winter came early…

Its heavy coat

Sealing in the cold

The sky

More visible

Its view not the same

The blue faded gray

With distance in charge

And the wind

The wind never stops

The wind

Never whispers

Like in summer

Sneaking up from behind

Touching your neck

Reclaiming your soul

The winter wind

Pushes and shoves

With its fury

Knowing its time

Is not limitless

Frozen in desperation

Winter comes early

When thoughts cannot let go

And holds on tightly

Until the past says


Forcing you

Into the gray dawn

And the grayer noon

And the earlier

And earlier


Sacrificing your


For a chance

To be free

For that one


To see

What’s never been there

You close your eyes

And step

Into the frigid wind

Arms extended skyward

Holding nothing back

Staring into

The face of death

Asking for life

Looking beyond

An eternity of doubt

To that place you can


That place you now


As winter came early



(Villanova Pennsylvania: March, 2017)

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