What Conscience Is To Shame

Joplin was to Southern Comfort,

what Hendrix was to smack

Morrison was to masquerade,

what Dylan never lacks


Woodstock was to 69,’

what music was to rhyme

Saigon was to those who stayed,

what Auschwitz now reminds


Kennedy was to hopes and dreams,

what nightmares were to some

Castro was to leftist thugs,

what cymbals are to drums


Kissinger was to Nixon

an Appian Way to roam

Dr. King to civil rights,

what kings are to their thrones


Walter Cronkite was to news,

what context was to fact

Altar boys were to their Priests,

what pretzels are to snacks


58,000 were to die,

what a wall was to proclaim

58,000 were to all

—what conscience is to shame


(Villanova Pennsylvania: March, 2017)

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