The Past Reclaimed

I didn’t know it at the time,

but my misspent youth was planned


The training ground for what I’d write,

then hard to understand


The many schools, the teachers chides,

expulsions my reward


Postgraduate work for future truth,

all voices untoward


The risks were high, survival mined,

Shangi-La, a vagrant’s room


My pen disclaimed, all actions shamed,

flat broke one afternoon


From the diner’s window I heard the song

that turned my life around


As Gregg Allman sang ‘Melissa,’

my true destiny was found


And today I harbor no regrets,

there’s no one left to blame


As I write the words for me hard one

—my sinful past reclaimed


(Strafford Pennsylvania: July, 2019)

‘Thank You, Gregg—I Miss You’

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