The Title

The Poetry Of Friends

  The Music Of Love


The Beginning Of The End

  Death From Above


The Unwritten Word

  Wuthering Heights


All Truth Now Unheard

  A Thief In The Night


Advise And Consent

  A Darkening Sun


An Anthology Of Perception

  All Truth On The Run


A Book Never Lent

  A Farewell To Arms


With Time Better Spent

  Entranced By Your Charm


The Wind In The Willows

  The Catcher In The Rye


Death Calls You Silent

  The Long Goodbye


The Flight Out Of Nowhere

   A Midsummer Night’s Dream


That Someone To Care

  Islands In The Stream


The Reasons Left Unsettled

  To Loan Sacred Ground


Hansel And Gretel

  Once Lost And Then Found


One Unto Many

  Many Unto One


Befriending Your Enemy

  A Raisin In The Sun


The Russians Are Coming

  What Is To Be Done


The Fire Now Burning

  Fathers And Sons


All Freedom Aborting

  Last Link In The Chain


The Message Retorting

  A Universe Shamed


That Moment To Enslave

  Destiny’s Child


Lonely Are The Brave

  The Call Of The Wild


With Hope Now Asunder

  Lone Wolf At The Door


The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter

  —Our Final Encore


(Villanova Pennsylvania: August, 2016)

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