Mine To Keep

Do I reach for understanding,

  or is knowing quite enough


Or deem then that important

  if the difference smooth or rough


Do I understand a mountain

  or the bear that lives within


Or just know that it belongs there

  and the mystery that it brings


Do I understand the ocean

  or the waves that break so high


Or just hear its thunder crashing

  and not need to wonder why


Do I understand what time is

  its symbols—what they mean


Or understand a life laid down

  in battles unforeseen


Do I understand a memory

  or just smile when’er it calls


Or understand tomorrow

  when today my life befalls


Do I understand the anger

  or just control it when it barks


Or understand the danger

  sometimes lurking in the dark


Do I understand the words I write

  when I’m shaken from my sleep


Or understand the excuses loaned

   —all reasons mine to keep


(Villanova Pennsylvania: June, 2016)





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