To Leapfrog All Paradox

Are you a sexual being

  if you choose to remain celibate


Are you famous or forgotten

  if you live in a cave


Are you democrat or republican

  if you’re never to vote


Are you black or white

  in the eyes of the blind


Are you young or old

  in the heart of a child


Are you rich or poor

  when everything’s gone


Are you healthy or sick

  when the gallows claim you


Are you guilty or innocent

  when the crime is absolved


Are you friend or foe

  as the last man to fall


Are you committed or unsure

  when the questions retract


Can you find what’s been hidden

  with the object removed


Can you cry out in silence

  when the noise overuns


Can you travel in place

  to unknown destinations


Can you swear to the Lord

  with all prophecy in doubt


Can you still love your children

  when no longer their father


Can you leapfrog all paradox

   —to find your way home


(Villanova Pennsylvania: April, 2015)

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