Naked Before The Mob

Why is ‘Almost Good Enough’

  never what you need?


Why is ‘Clearly Not Enough’

  an ounce more than you deserve?


Why is ‘Almost What You Need’

  the most you’ll ever have?


Why is ‘It’s Not Only That’

  the only thing that’s left?


Why is ‘In Almost Every Case’

  not in any case at all?


Why is ‘In Lieu Of Everything Else’

  the thing sure to be missed?


Why is ‘In Actuality’

  in real terms actually not?


Why is ‘To Be Perfectly Honest With You’

  the biggest lie you tell?


Why is the serious ‘Last Ditch Effort’

  the one you continue to try?


Why is the ‘Absolute Final Time’

  the one you repeat again?


Why is ‘Really’ not real at all

  and spoken then in vain?


Why is ‘Probably’ not possible

   or even close to that?


Why is the phrase ‘The Bottom Line’

  the top of your agenda?


Why is the trusted ‘Old College Try’

  strictly out of school?


Why is ‘Painstakingly Difficult’

  the easiest thing you do?


Why is ‘No Sweat—The Deal Is Done’

  so much harder than before?


Why is ‘Let’s Start At The Beginning’

  the end of the debate?


Why is ‘The Last Word On The Matter’

  the beginning of what comes next?


Why is ‘So What’ a euphemism

  for the most important thing you do?


Why is ‘It Is What It Is’

  categorically not, and never meant to be?


Why is ‘The Bull In The China Shop’

  ceramic and for sale?


Why is the celebratory ‘Victory Lap’

  the one taken in disgust?


Why is the magical ‘Three Point Shot’

   four points more than its worth?


Why is the special ‘Love You Lost’

  the only one you’ve never found?


Why is the figurative ‘Bird In Hand’

  the one that flies away?


Why is ‘Bantering Back And Forth’

  the silence you extol?


When will your words wrap like copper wire  

  to conduct the truth unrobbed


When will you cease to pander and mislead

    —naked before the mob



(Villanova Pennsylvania: April, 2015)

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