Changed Into Song

Will the pieces of the life you’ve lived

  come together at the end?


Will the times that you reflected

  straighten your path out, free of bends?


Are the places that you visited

  more than way stops that you chose?


Are the feelings that you left with

  still inside you—heaven knows?


Are your children still in contact,

  do they ask you what you think?


Are your parents long forgotten

  as you pour yourself a drink?


Are the days recounted backwards

  with the best all left behind?


Does the silence serve to haunt you

  with those things you cannot find?


Does the laughter fall on deafness,

  do the smiles pass you by?


Are your friends left off your guest list

  with no time for them to find?


Are the pieces of your puzzle

  pointed sharp, and ill to fit?


Does your conscience wear a muzzle

  with the blame an endless pit?


Is it what you said you wanted

  when you started down this path?


Or are you now among the hunted

  in a bad choice aftermath?


If before you’re gone, one chance flew by

  a difference then to make


Would you hang on tight to all the lies,

  or embrace this change of fate?


And if you do, the words will say,

  you almost got it wrong…


Before you called those choices back

  —and changed them into song


(Grantham New Hampshire: March, 2015)



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