Chamberlain Falls

Refusing to fight the major war,

  the war based on principles,

  the one we can win


We’re forced to fight a never-ending series

  of political wars,

  ones that we can only lose


We’re trapped in the middle of Appeasement River

  and headed for Chamberlain Falls,

  terror awaiting in the rapids now ahead


Slowing down the current or rowing harder wont

  save us, it only extends the time of our demise,

  capitulation pulling us under toward the roar


As a country, we’re now in the middle of that river

  arguing over who has the water rights,

  arguing over whose paddle is best


Until we get off the river and back on dry land,

  Chamberlain Falls will continue to pull

     —and Armageddon will continue to call


(Villanova Pennsylvania: March, 2015)

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