First Destiny Called

Laid solid with words

  the writers stone

A fortress was columned

  my only real home


The poetry was safe there

  it stammered and tried

As my feelings unbridled

  from the outsiders lies


Each year added layers

  to this home of the verse

My thoughts never silenced

  or my feelings there terse


All that’s needed to go there

  …unfettered belief

All that’s needed to know

  is that time is the thief


My vision unshaken

  from this chair with two wheels

The advice from the experts

  “to wither and yield”


But my place more than sacred

  an invincible throne

Independent of body

  times seed to unsow


And the moment before

  I take my last breath

I will enter forever

  where before I had left


The trumpets will sound

  as immortality calls

To that space then my refuge

  the sum of it all


As the memories unreason

  the facts storm again

But the tents of my solitude

  keep out their wind


For generations that follow

  and their children that ask

This place I now dwell in

  for all hard and fast


Just believe in its message

  and its fortune to change

Just believe in transcendence

  with all things the same


Until the day that that final

  trumpet may blow

And all that you’ve loved

  is all there’s to know


Your message then solid

  as the door opens wide

And those moments you’ve gifted

  to the heavens arrive


And the joy that you feel

  thinking back on it all

From that place deep inside

 —where first destiny called


(Villanova Pennsylvania: March, 2015)


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