Soul To Repast

In reference to nothing

Alone with itself

The truth burns in fury

Damnation to melt

Its legions are many

Believers so few

The stragglers all freezing

And lined in the queue

The mirror the liar

Death hiding within

The priest the deceiver

Who threatens with sin

But truth holds dominion

Setting fire to the throne

Rising above and beyond

What’s self-righteously known

It calls to you silent

As it calls to you loud

Do you hide in the shadows

Or answer back proud

That thing that you reference

From your prison within

Those things done in deference

Now caught in the wind

You lie as you bargain

You cheat and defame

One voice now your jailer

And calling your name

Your back to the altar

You hide in the pew

Before robbing the poor box

A new low for you

Your history tarnished

And legacy shot

Your name ill-begotten

From all you are not

But truth has no time stamp

No ticket to claim

One choice will release it

Life starting again

Your mortal days finite

You have to act fast

Will you ask for redemption

 —your soul to repast


(Villanova Pennsylvania: March, 2014)

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