Blessed To Begin

Sages and broomsticks

  motherless pearls

Witches that threaten

  fatherless girls

Curse of the ages

  old grudges remain

A coven of stages

  to hide from the rain

The markings of Satan

  the touch of the Lord

A death plated sunset

  and winner forlorn

The trap now a quandary

  and you must break free

As with all soiled laundry

  to burn once deceived

The truth is not distant

  first word never feigned

The peace that you’re seeking

  inside you unclaimed

So let go of the dogma

  the medals will melt

New songs of arrival

  you’ll write most heartfelt

But the moment is now

  and the moment is clear

Once the moment is christened

  new joy spins from fear

To those who still threaten

  with eternity damned…


        “Away with your blasphemy,

          stop where you stand

        These wings have reopened

          my eyes looking in

        New life has been gifted

          —I’m blessed to begin”


(Villanova Pennsylvania: March, 2014)

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