Song From The Mountaintop

The cry of an eagle floats across a distant peak
bear tracks visible in the Spring thawing snow

Sunlight, spreading its dance upon the land
the Ponderosa Pine and Aspen in bloom

The glaciers look down smiling the higher you climb
searching for that redemption never offered below

The wolf trails the hare back inside its snowy den
the road to all new entry having now been cleared

Permission never asked for, granted, as the music starts
it’s early May in the Rockies—the January of renewal

In a celebration of new life, flowers wrap the landscape like ribbon
tying close the promises like good wishes on a Christmas morning

It’s springtime even on the highest peak, and old questions lost of meaning now seem gone away…

Reborn in the arrival of yet another desperate beginning,
—holding nothing back

(Columbia Falls, Montana: September, 2003)                                     

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